Patterson Wins Home Run Derby

Patterson Wins Home Run Derby

In recent action, Plainsmen baseball player JT Patterson wins the Rocky Mountain Baseball Leagues homerun derby during their all-star game.  Patterson currently plays for the Sterling Xpress and was nominated to participate in this year's home run derby.  The all-star game and homerun derby took place in Boulder, CO where numerous players came to participate.

With the derby in full swing, baseballs were soaring left and right, and when it was all said and done, Patterson and Skillings were in the final. 

The final consisted of each hitting a set number of balls, in which both guys tied by hitting five homeruns.  The second round was a tied once again where each tied by hitting three out.  With the championship in sight, it came down to a one-swing final, first to hit one out wins.  Patterson knew this was his chance.  He sat back, crushed one deep, and was crowned the RMBL's home run champion.

Congratulations JT on you accomplishment.

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