Plainsmen Get Men On, But Cannot Bring Them Home

Plainsmen Get Men On, But Cannot Bring Them Home

The Plainsmen baseball team traveled to St. George, UT to play a plethora of games against College of Southern Idaho.  Their first game would be a nine inning game, whereas their next two the following day would be seven innings, then finish up their last day with a nine inning game.  The Golden Eagles have had a few more games on the Plainsmen, but the men have been working hard to be ready for these games.

The first inning would be one in which both teams would feel each other out and see what kind of pitching and hitting their opponent had.  At the end of one, the Plainsmen would be scoreless, and Gunner Pickett would get a fly ball, and then strike out two more to retire the side.  In the second inning, NJC could not get the sticks rolling and would not score in this inning either.  Defensively, the Plainsmen would give up three runs to the Eagles, and now would trail 3-0.

Not being out, the Plainsmen would follow up in the top of three with Keegan Meyn hitting a homerun and scoring in Easton Adler and Corbin Geisendorf; game tied 3-3.  In the bottom of the third however, an Eagle player would triple, scoring one of his own, giving them the one run lead, 4-3.  The rest of the game, the Plainsmen would give themselves great opportunities by getting on base, but untimely outs would strand runners on base.  The Eagles would go on to score two more times, ultimately giving them the 6-3 win.

The Plainsmen would finish with six hits, with Easton Adler and Jaxon Rosencranz leading the way with two each.  The stat which was good in a sense, was runners left on base.  It was good because it shows that NJC had men on base and gave themselves the chance, but just could not get the hits they needed to bring them in.

The Plainsmen will face the Eagles again the next day with a double header down in Utah.