Plainsmen Fall In Final Innings

Plainsmen Fall In Final Innings

The Plainsmen baseball team completed their series against the Golden Eagles from College of Southern Idaho in St. George, UT this past weekend.  The Plainsmen had dropped their first game to the Eagles in the day before after one tough inning set them back.  They were looking to get some of the games back in their next three games, but could not fend off the Eagles. 

The first game of the day, the Plainsmen knew it was a new day and a time for them to get the win.  Northeastern would be the home team on the scoreboard, which could help them if they needed one last inning to put in some runs.  The game would begin in the top of one with the Plainsmen walking their first batter, who would eventually score on a single.  Once the side was retired, the Plainsmen would try to get that one back.  In the bottom of the first however, the Plainsmen would go three up-three down with a ground out single, a man reaching on an error, then hitting in a double play. 

The game would stay a 1-0 game all the way until the seventh inning when both teams would put on some points.  In the top of seven, the Eagles would find themselves putting up four runs, which would leave the bottom half of the inning for the Plainsmen to win it.  In that inning, Easton Adler would reach on an error, then advance to second.  Keegan Meyn would follow up with a RBI double.  Jaxon Rosencranz would score Meyn on a single.  With the score now at 5-2, the Plainsmen only had one out on the scoreboard, and men in scoring position to get the win.  The Eagles would bring in a fresh arm to hopefully finish the game.  That coaching strategy would work for the Eagles as the next two Plainsmen would strike out, finishing the game 5-2.

The second game of the day would be another seven inning ballgame.  Now knowing what they had, all the Plainsmen had to do was make contact, field the ball, and pitch.  But in the top of the first, NJC would find themselves in the same predicament as the game before trailing the Eagles.  The Eagles would lead the Plainsmen 3-0 after one, which would still give them plenty of innings to make a comeback.  The game would stay a 3-0 game until the bottom of three when Quinn Tomasino would get himself an RBI by scoring Tyler Mills.  At the end of three, the Plainsmen would still trail, but be able to get one back 3-1.  The fourth would stay the same score, but in the top of five, the Eagles would tack two more on, now leading 5-1.  The Plainsmen were unable to answer that call back in the fifth, which would give the Eagles momentum into the sixth, allowing them to get two more.  With the score now at 7-1 with the Plainsmen trailing, the men knew they had to do something soon.  In the bottom of sixth, the Plainsmen would settle into their game and tack on a crooked number.  Tyler Mills would get an RBI single scoring Jacob Baasch, Easton Adler would get an RBI scoring Praxie Vigil, Keegan Meyn would single scor Nick Nishi, and Quinn Tomasino would single as well scoring Easton Adler.  Northeastern would score five runs, bringing the score now to 7-6.  In the final inning, the Plainsmen would lose their juice and give up three to the Eagles, then be unable to score in their final at bat.  The Plainsmen would drop their final game of that day 10-6.

The final day, final game of the series would be a nine-inning game; they needed this one.  The Plainsmen knew what had to be done, and started off the right way taking the 2-0 lead after Quinn Tomasino and Jaxon Rosencranz score off a few errors after being hit by Ben Newton.  The Plainsmen would keep the lead until the bottom of four when the Eagles would get three runs, giving them the 3-2 lead.  The Plainsmen would follow up in their next at bat tying the game as Easton Adler would get an RBI double scoring Tyler Mills.  Both teams did a nice job defensively, but in the top of seven, the Plainsmen would break the tie, as Tyler Mills would score of Jaxon Rosencranz getting out from a ground out to third.  Northeastern would stop the Eagles defensively and not allow them to score, then in the top of eight would get three more runs.  Michael Broz would triple scoring Kodee Martin, Corbin Geisendorf would then single scoring Broz, the finally Jaxon Rosencranz singling scoring Geisendorf.  The Plainsmen would lead 7-3, which was a good spot for them  The Eagles were not out of it and would come back with some points of their own, butting up five runs, giving them the 8-7 lead.  In the final inning, the Plainsmen would give themselves opportunities by making contact, but would fly out with all three batters, and falling to the Eagles in a close game.

The Plainsmen will play their home opener against the Western Nebraska Cougars on February 23.