Plainsmen Drop Three Against Tough Trojan Team

Plainsmen Drop Three Against Tough Trojan Team

With their spring trip coming closer, the Plainsmen baseball team was looking forward to getting to Arizona and play in some real baseball weather.  Before doing so however, they would have to play a tough Trinidad State team.  The Trojans are Region IX South opponents, so getting these games would matter for post-season seeding.  These games matter way more than anything in Arizona, so the men needed to make sure they played well before hitting the road.

The first game would be a battle between both the Plainsmen and the Trojans as it would go into extra innings.  The game would start scoreless until the Trojans would break the ice in the bottom of two as they would score one run.  The game would stay a 1-0 game until late in the ball game when the Plainsmen would get two runs in the top of six to lead 2-1.  In the final inning, they would extend their lead as they would get two more runs to give themselves the 4-1 lead.  In the final half inning, the Trojans would be able to get their bats going and get three runs, sending it into extra innings.  In the extra inning, Northeastern would try to get things happening, but were unsuccessful, which Trinidad would take advantage of and score the one run needed to take the 5-4 victory.

Their next game would take place shortly after being it was a double header.  The Plainsmen wanted to get that game back after being right there in game one.  The game would begin with NJC getting a run, but then would fall behind as the Trojans would score five, giving them the 5-1 lead.  In the next two innings, Northeastern would be able to slowly chip away at the Trojan lead by scoring one run in both the second and third innings.  With the game now 5-3 with the Plainsmen still trailing, the Trojans would be able to get another three runs to extend the lead 8-3.  Northeastern would try to get some runs back, but were unsuccessful, which would then lead to TSJC scoring five more to initiate the run rule, finishing the game 13-3.

The next day would be a new day, and the Plainsmen were eager to get the game started.  As the game started however, they could not seem to get things rolling offensively for themselves.  The game would start with NJC being scoreless, then Trinidad getting a quick four runs.  Trying to get something going in the second, the Plainsmen were unsuccessful getting any runs in again, and the Trojans would follow it up with another big number.  Trailing 9-0, Northeastern would finally break the ice by scoring a run in the top of three.  But with the Trojans being hot, they would match it and add a few more by scoring four runs again.  The game would continue in the next two innings, and NJC would not be able to get any more runs on the board, and would eventually lose to the Trojans 13-1.

The Plainsmen are on the road in Arizona as they begin their spring trip looking to play some new teams and enhancing their skills along the way.