First Half Drought Too Much For Second Half Comeback

First Half Drought Too Much For Second Half Comeback

In another Region IX conference game, the Plainsmen find themselves having to play some "catch-up" in the second half.  Although having a first half where scoring was a problem, the second half was one where they could not miss. 

In the first half, the game was neck in neck until the 12-minute mark when the score was 14-13 with the Trojans having the one point advantage.  The Trojans would gain a slightly larger lead at 21-13 in just 30 seconds of gameplay.  Not wanting them to get a larger lead, Northeastern would bring it back within two at 23-21.  With the game clock ticking, the Plainsmen did not know what was about to happen next.  In the final nine minutes of play, the Trojans would go on a 27-6 run to finish the half with the lead 50-27.  That run would devastate any other team, but it did not phase the Plainsmen.  They knew there was still 20 minutes left in the game and that they could easily go on a run of their own.

Coming out of the locker room, the Plainsmen had an extra pep in their step.  That extra pep was apparent when they went on a quick 21-4 run to start the half.  The run only took up 10 minutes of play, and now only trailed by six, 54-48.  Now with the game in sight, NJC just needed to play their game to be able to get back on the winning side of the scoreboard.  Trinidad would be able to gain a few more points on their lead to keep the Plainsmen at 10 points.  That 10 point hump was just too much for Northeastern to overcome and could not bring it closer before the buzzer sounded.  Northeastern would fall to Trinidad 78-70.

Keishon Parker would have the team high 18 points and seven rebounds, while Marcus Burwell would add his 16 points.  Coming off the bench to have 11 points would be Mohammad Elradi.

The Plainsmen will have one final game at home on December 15 as they host Casper College.