Third Quarter Demise

Third Quarter Demise

The week before finals week can prove to be a lot for any student.  The stress of wanting to do well on tests, the anxiety of knowing that a final grade could make or break the semester, all compiled with the fact that it's followed up with a long holiday break.  All of these factors come in play with the vast majority of college students, but as a student-athlete, one has to consider doing all of this while playing their sport of choice.  The women's basketball team had to juggle in a road game in Cheyenne, WY against the Golden Eagles of Laramie County CC.  Having this game would be a test of the Plainswomen's mental toughness not only as a student, but as an athlete as well.

The Plainswomen wanted to get a victory over the Golden Eagles so they could go into their game against Trinidad with a boost.  The ladies knew they were more than capable of beating this team, they would just have to put together a whole 40 minutes.  The downfall thus far this season is the third quarter for the Plainswomen.  More times than not they have gotten behind in the third, which has led to them playing from behind the entire fourth.  If they could stay solid defensively throughout the third, they would set themselves up to win the game.

The first quarter would be a back and forth game between the teams, as they would match each other point for point.  The quarter would end with the score being tied 15-15.  In the second, it would be another back and forth battle but towards the end of the half, the Eagles would gain a slight lead and outscore the Plainswomen 18-12.  At half, Northeastern would barely trail 33-27.  Knowing that they could not come out flat after half, the Plainswomen tried to prepare themselves.

As the third quarter would begin, it seemed as if Northeastern did not have energy.  They had the physical energy, it was the excitement factor that seemed to be missing from their game.  As a result, the Plainswomen gave up 25 points and were only able to score eight of their own.  That third quarter would prove to be their demise because they were never able to make up that difference in the fourth by only outscoring the Eagles by two, 18-16.

The final score would be 74-53 as the Plainswomen would suffer defeat. 

Point leaders would be Darci Finnigan with 15 points and four rebounds.  Kalyn Serrato would have a tremendous game coming off the bench with 14 points of her own.

The women will be on the road on Saturday December 9 as they face conference opponent Trinidad State before heading into the holiday break.