Plainswomen Split on Day One Of Pizza Hut Invitational

Plainswomen Split on Day One Of Pizza Hut Invitational

The Plainswomen would get to have the chance to play again after their electric win on Thursday night against Sheridan.  They were hoping that the win from the night before would boost them to have two more wins on day one of the Pizza Hut Invitational.  The first game they would play the North Platte CC Knights, who just got done playing Williston State (ND) the game before.  They were hoping that the Knights loss the game before could allow them to get an early lead, but the Knights were hungry.

The first set would set the stage to how well North Platte would play against Northeastern.  The Plainswomen would have to play from behind, and could not quite overcome the early deficit and lose 25-23.  In the second set, Northeastern knew they had to play with more purpose, and were able to win the set 25-22, but it was still a tough set to win.  The Knights were red hot and were finding gaps and threading the needle into various holes in the Northeastern defense.

The third set would be yet another tough set, and the Plainswomen were yet again to cool the Knights fire and lost 25-23.  With a short intermission, the women knew they had to recoup and come out and dominate NPCC; and it was exactly what they did.  The fourth set the Plainswomen played their game and won 25-16, and it seemed as if North Platte was out of steam after playing two tough matches back to back.  In the fifth and final set, Northeastern thought that they might be able to get this win, as long as the Knights didn't catch fire.  As the set commenced, it was exactly what the Plainswomen didn't want; they caught fire towards the end.  The set was back and forth, and at the end Northeastern was able to get a two point lead, but the Knights rallied back to win the set and the match.

Between matches, the girls had time to regroup and gather themselves to bring it together for their game against Williston State.  It was set up for them to get the split on the day. 

With warmups completed, the Plainswomen huddled together, said their creed, and finished with "We are Northeastern."  It was that "We are Northeastern" as to what this match would bring. 

The first set started and it was for all to see that the Plainswomen were going to win this match.  They came out and had kill after kill, block after block.  The ladies were finding their mark each and every play, and won the first set 25-10.

In the second set, it was a much closer game.  The Tetons made some adjustments by subbing in a few players who did not play in the first set.  These two players were the difference makers in keeping the set close.  The Plainswomen had a hard time closing the gaps in time and the Tetons were able to rally a few points with NJC.  In the end Northeastern ultimately won the set 25-21.

With the end of the day in sight, the Plainswomen wanted to get the game over with, but knew they couldn't be in cruise control because the Tetons were capable of taking a set from them.  As the set progressed, the Plainswomen were able to keep a slight lead over Williston.  The score was 15-13 in favor of Northeastern when the ladies took control.    From that point the Plainswomen went on a 10-5 run to win the set and the game 25-18.

The women will be back in action on Saturday September 16 with the first game beginning at 12 noon versus Eastern Arizona College and their next at 2pm against Hesston College as part of the 34th annual Pizza Hut Invitational.