Plainswomen Knock Off #6 Indian Hills

Plainswomen Knock Off #6 Indian Hills

The Plainswomen volleyball team traveled to Hutchinson, KS to play in the Blue Dragon Classic over the weekend.  The women were going to be challenged in this tournament, as they would face two top 10 ranked teams.  The women have been playing very well lately, so being able to compete and play their game would be the best way to get a victory over the teams.

The first day of the tournament would be their first challenge, as they would face #6 Indian Hills.  The first set, Northeastern caught the Warriors by surprise and beat them 25-14.  The Plainswomen were now in the groove and wanted to get the match over in three sets, and in the second set, it was set up to do that way.  The second set, the Plainswomen were barely edged out and lost 27-25, but it was not over yet.  In the third, the ladies hunkered down and played true NJC volleyball and got the third with a score of 25-20.  As the fourth set came about, the Warriors still had some fight left in them.  The girls were trying to finish the set, but as the lead slipped away from them, they reserved their energy for the fifth, and lost 25-19.  In the fifth, the Plainswomen could not be stopped.  They were firing on all cylinders and won 15-9, defeating the Warriors. 

Although it was a fantastic win, the day was not over and the Plainswomen still had another match to play.  This second match would be against Jefferson College, a team that the Plainswomen did not know much about.  Regardless if they knew the team or not, if they played the same way as they did against IHCC, they would not have any problems with them.  The first set would prove to Northeastern that any team can come out and play at any time.  The first set, the Plainswomen played well, but still narrowly managed to get the win 26-24.  With a tight set like that behind them, the women knew they needed to get a lead on this team and put them away.  The Vikings had other plans and again played another set well, but it was Northeastern who would be have the upper hand and win 31-29.  In the third, NJC knew that another long set could spell trouble, so they came together and won 25-15.

With day one in the books, the ladies had two solid wins under their belt and were looking to what day two would bring.

Day two of the Blue Dragon Classic would bring yet another challenge.  The first game would be against Iowa Western CC, who would be the #2 ranked team in the nation.  Although they are a top ranked team, the ladies had defeated a similar opponent the day before.  The Reivers had something to prove as their game before they had suffered their first loss of the season to Navarro College, so they were ready.  With the first serve crossing the net, the Plainswomen were off to a good start.  The first set came down to the end, but the Reivers would be on top with a score of 25-22.  In the second, the Plainswomen could not seem to get the ball to the right locations and eventually lost 25-11.  In the third, it was all IWCC and NJC lost 25-17. 

The last game of the classic would shape up to be another chance for the Plainswomen to get a victory if they played their cards right.  The girls knew that they needed to get this win to make their upset over IHCC worth it and to go 3-1 on the weekend.  The game would start off with NJC dominating the first two sets 25-19, and hoping that they could get the next one and get on the road.  But that was not the case as the Grizzlies would take set three 26-24.  In the fourth, the Plainswomen would be able to win it 25-22 and win the match.

The Plainswomen will be at home on September 26 and 27 as they host North Platte and Eastern Wyoming with games starting on the 26 at 6pm and the 27 at 7pm.