Northeastern Wins First Game in Stretch of Home Matches

Northeastern Wins First Game in Stretch of Home Matches

Oct. 11, 2018, Sterling, Colo. – The Plainswomen volleyball team started a three-day stretch of games against Region IX opponents with the Lamar Lopes. All three of these games are important for Northeastern in keeping them ahead in the south division, so it's crucial to be locked in. 

From the start, the Plainswomen scored a few easy points, which set the tone for the rest of the set. Lamar was able to get their fair share of points, but when the Lopes hammered down some spikes, the Plainswomen were there to dig them up. The first set ended with Northeastern winning 25-19. 

Set two began just like the first with the Plainswomen establishing dominance. The Plainswomen knew things were clicking when they were scoring on broken plays. One play in particular had Kinley Coe making a great dig to pop the ball up, then Sofija Pajevic set it to an empty outside-hitting position, and Kacey Jaeger made a circus-over-the-head pass over the net for a point. The excitement flourished throughout the bench and the event center, which helped the Plainswomen to the 25-15 victory and get set two. 

The third and final set was a little different. The Plainswomen jumped out to a great 9-1 lead, which was short-lived as Lamar rallied a comeback. Northeastern was a little slower to close blocks, which resulted in quick points and momentum boosters. The Plainswomen were able to keep ahead of the Lopes and eventually won 25-23. 

The women will be back again on Friday Oct. 12 as they host the Trinidad State Trojans.