Volleyball Goes on Run to Defeat Trinidad

Volleyball Goes on Run to Defeat Trinidad

Oct. 16, 2018, Sterling, Colo. – In the second game of three, the Plainswomen volleyball team played the Trinidad State Trojans. Coming off a win against the Lamar Lopes helped them start the three-game series nicely, but they had to sustain their energy. The Trojans are a tough team, and the ladies needed to start the game by getting the lead if they wanted to gain the competitive edge. 

The first set began in a way that the Plainswomen didn't want – they allowed the Trojans to get an early lead, which only meant they needed to put together a rally. As the set progressed, Northeastern managed to gain the lead. At the end of the set however, the Trojans tied it at 23 a piece. The Plainswomen didn't bat an eye and won the set 25-23. 

Set two was much different for the Plainswomen because they started the match with energy and enthusiasm. That was the difference-maker because Northeastern jumped out to an early lead and kept it throughout the match. The ladies went on to win 25-12. 

The third match mirrored the first as the Trojans found some gaps and kept the game within reach. The game stayed close until the scoreboard read 14-12, which was when the Plainswomen began their attack. Northeastern went on an 11-2 run to end the set and win 25-14. 

The Plainswomen won their second game of three at week's end, and look to continue their success onto Otero.