Plainsmen Defeat Warriors

Plainsmen Defeat Warriors

Nov 12, 2018, Sterling, Colo. — The Plainsmen basketball team defeated the Little Priest Tribal College Warriors in two games this past weekend. They hosted the Warriors in conjunction with the women's basketball team's event, the Roundball Classic. The men knew Little Priest shot many threes, so they came prepared for a shootout. 

The first game started with the Warriors getting a few quick points, but the Plainsmen went on a 27-3 run to take a substantial lead. The Warriors took a timeout hoping to ice the Plainsmen, which worked and allowed them to chip away at the Plainsmen's lead. As the buzzer sounded to end the first half, the Plainsmen still lead 42-35. 

In the second half, Northeastern was able to extend their seven-point lead by doubling it within the first eight minutes to lead 60-45. Unlike the first half though, the Plainsmen did not allow the Warriors to gain any ground on their lead and won the game 88-67. The men had won the first game of the weekend and looked to get the sweep. 

Playing a team back to back can go one of two ways. After defeating the Warriors as the Plainsmen did the first night, the Warriors could come out with vengeance and be a completely different team, or the Plainsmen could continue to key in on players and win by a greater margin. After the first few points were scored, it was apparent that the Plainsmen were going with option B and came out scoring. Right away Northeastern jumped out to a 24-9 lead in the first five minutes. The points kept coming and the Plainsmen led 58-29 at half. 

The second half mimicked the first and the Plainsmen scored at will until the end as they won 109-54. The Plainsmen started the season off well, and will play a tough Casper team on Tuesday, Nov. 13 on the road. The Thunderbirds will be the men's toughest game to date as they look to continue their success.